Kyoto’s Koyou

Now that we’re well and truly into winter, I’ve been reminiscing about the wondrous autumn that Kyoto has. Trees ablaze with reds and oranges set the scene in the city and surrounding mountains last November and I was lucky enough to share it with friends and family from the UK who came to visit. It was magical, the autumn sunshine streaming through golden hued leaves was the perfect backdrop to many a family photo that will be treasured for years to come.

You may have heard the beauty of Japanese seasons described before by countless visitors to this wonderful country and you may be thinking “can it really be that beautiful”? The hype surrounding the land of the rising sun is high and I too would be questioning the sincerity of such stories of whimsical beauty, rich history and seemingly endless natural sceneries if I had never set foot on Japanese soil. “Too good to be true” springs to mind… but I can happily report that this wonderfully weird and mysterious archipelago really does exceed expectations. Especially in autumn.

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