Girljin in Japan

So, here I am. Living in Japan. A ‘gaijin’ (that’s a foreigner to you and I native English speakers). Some people think it’s a rude term but actually it just means foreigner. Obviously it can be said in a slightly less polite way, as anything can really, but on the whole it’s neither derogatory or complimentary. It just is. In fact, when Alex (my husband – a rather wonderful distiller) and I first arrived, he was called ‘gaijin-San’ in the street by a local. ‘San’ is the Japanese equivalent to the British ‘Mr’. Mr. Foreigner – what a lovely ring it has to it!

Anyway, back to the reason that brought us to Japan and a rather lovely city, Kyoto… Booze. As many people can attest to, Alex and I share a great love in alcohol. The fact that Japan is doing some pretty awesome things these days in that field, particularly whisky and some very interesting stuff that’s not big (yet) in the UK; sake, is neither here nor there. Even though I have to admit it is a big bonus. Gin is actually the reason behind the move. Gin is quite often the reason I do anything. A new gin. Handcrafted and created in Kyoto, by Alex. Hence the move.

So, here I sit, after six months in a foreign land, finally starting to put down into words my experiences of this new adventure.  Japan is a weird and wonderful place and I once heard it described as somewhere that will ‘make you feel completely comfortable by putting you completely out of your comfort zone’.  A very apt description. So far, I’ve seen and done things I would have never even dreamt about and there’s still so much to experience. Here’s where this blog comes in, partly to keep a record of said weird and wonderful things, and partly to share these with the rest of the world (or the few people I expect to read this)! With that in mind, expect posts on anything and everything – food, culture, experiences and maybe even a bit of booze.

After all, Japan is far too good not to share.